Ixora beckleri

1 Brown Coffeewood. at Brooweena, QLD

Ixora beckleri at Brooweena, QLD - 4 Jun 2023
Ixora beckleri at Brooweena, QLD - 4 Jun 2023
Ixora beckleri at Brooweena, QLD - 4 Jun 2023
Ixora beckleri at Brooweena, QLD - 4 Jun 2023
Ixora beckleri at Brooweena, QLD - 4 Jun 2023
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Ixora beckleri 13 Jun 2023 Tapirlord
Ixora beckleri 12 Jun 2023 Tapirlord
Ixora beckleri 12 Jun 2023 aavankampen
Unidentified 9 Jun 2023 aavankampen

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Ixora beckleri


aavankampen wrote:
   9 Jun 2023
I tried entering the taxon genus species but this did not work. Not sure if any other users look at observations like mine. I don't see any help menu. I am wondering if this app has a list of available taxa that can be entered for identification.
aavankampen wrote:
   12 Jun 2023
After entering Plants and Other Trees in the Identify box I see a very short list of available species. So assuming users have to populate the master species list themselves? The Suggest new species tab did not work for me.
Tapirlord wrote:
   12 Jun 2023
Hi Aavan, you did the right thing by entering it as you did. Essentially it sends an email to me as a moderator to sign off on and fill out species entry. In terms of finding taxa lists on projects, you can just search through the master list (which is rather extensive), or just suggest it as new and a moderator can check for you.

Anyways, this one was a new species for our data base so i've entered, but I don't know how confident I am in confirming off this image alone. I'm just wondering how confident you were?
aavankampen wrote:
   12 Jun 2023
Thanks Tapirlord much appreciate your assistance. Am I right in assuming there is no tutorial for explaining how to record a sighting other than how to upload photos? What is the project? Is it all the sightings in Wide Bay or maybe all the plant sightings? How do I see the master list?

I added some additional photos so now know how to edit an existing sighting which is handy.

I am fairly confident of the ID although I have only come across the species rarely so I had to key it out.

Trying out NatureMapr for the first time :)
Tapirlord wrote:
   13 Jun 2023
There is a "How to contribute guide" but its a little out of date at this point (There have been quite a few platform changes recently). But if you are uploading via the webpage then all you need to do is add photos & a location (which should enter automatically if the photo is geotagged). We also ask for some additional information like plant height, flowering info etc which helps the platform mods out a heap if we need to key things.

The "project" is just a rough boundary to help define sighting traffic, it also defines the boundaries of our various field guides (this one is just starting out, but other like Albury Wodonga or Canberra southern tablelands are a more complete). Each project sits within a geographic boundary (which you can view in the project boundary tab) and stores records of all sightings that come in.

To view the master list you go under the identify tab and select the category you want (e.g. plants). Then select a subcateogry (e.g. other trees) and it will come up with the list of species already in the project field guide. If you hit "can't find it" (which is the box on the side) you will pull up the master list for everything we currently have in taxonomy globally. (

I reckon your ID looks good having seen the extra photos, I was able to key it to Rubiaceae relavtively easily, and Ixora beckleri seems like the best option in terms of local rainforest trees.

Hopefully everything makes sense, and great to hear you are giving naturemapr a go!
AaronClausen wrote:
   13 Jun 2023
Thanks a lot @Tapirlord - I'll take a look at the How to guide and give it a mini update - yep quite a few changes lately and agree it needs an update. We also made a few incremental improvements to the welcome email text today. Welcome @aavankampen - yell if you need anything any time.

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 4 Jun 2023 01:03 PM Recorded on
  • aavankampen Recorded by

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