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21 Feb 2024

Great, informative citizen science webinar from the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) hosted by Joel Stibbard:NatureMapr received a fantastic shout out starting from about the 38:00 minute mar...

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aavankampen wrote:
12 Dec 2023
Phylidonyris niger white-cheeked honeyeater

Phylidonyris niger
Tapirlord wrote:
9 Oct 2023
Everything helps, they might take this one over the line. Who knows! :)

Patersonia sp.
Gaylesp8 wrote:
8 Oct 2023
Thanks very much, I have added some other photos I took that day of it, but may not be clear enough for the leaves to be identified in any of them.

Patersonia sp.
Tapirlord wrote:
1 Oct 2023
I'm not seeing the leaves well enough to be able to key it i'm sorry. There should be three species in this genus within Queensland. If I had to guess I'd say P.sericea.

Patersonia sp.
AaronClausen wrote:
13 Jun 2023
Thanks a lot @Tapirlord - I'll take a look at the How to guide and give it a mini update - yep quite a few changes lately and agree it needs an update. We also made a few incremental improvements to the welcome email text today. Welcome @aavankampen - yell if you need anything any time.

Ixora beckleri

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